Does God Still Know you?

Does God Still Know You?

If you were walking down the street and God walked up to you would he recognize you? If you saw him and he didn’t see you and you were to call out to him, would he recognize your voice? Are you the person he created you to be? Do you call on him only when you are down and out? Does he only know your voice filled with sorrow and tears? Has he heard your proud voice or your happy voice! Has he heard your 8 pm on Thursday voice just stopping by to say hey voice? If God saw you in your present form would he be proud of his son or daughter? Does God still know you?

On the weekends, some of us get dressed in our latest and greatest, we make sure the car is clean and we know heads will turn because we are ready to impress! We are smelling good and ready for whatever comes next. We have waited all day for this moment to clear our mind and let go of the day. We have worked hard and ready to play just as hard.

Somebody else has lost their job, their house note is pink and so are their utilities. They are stressed and depressed and trying to figure out how they will make it work because all they have to count on is themselves because everyone lets them down. They are there for everyone but when they are in need nobody answers their call.

We have the ones who has no worries or concerns because their bills are paid, their belly is fat and they are online right now planning the next vacation to the islands. They are independent, they have their stuff together, no need to ask anybody for anything because their priorities are in check! Some may say self-made! S-Class in the drive to prove it.

Lastly, somebody is spring cleaning, reorganizing, getting rid of the old things lying around. Working on a plan for better health and decluttering their life. They have an odd sense of peace and hymn in their heart. As they are cleaning out that closet while sitting on the floor,  not even realizing while on their knees they are conversing with God about the things they have acquired over the last year and have more stuff then they knew they had because he has bestowed blessing after blessing. Thanking him because after that last storm a year and a half ago, all they knew to do was trust in him, and look how far they have come. To God be the glory, so while on their knees they remember that somebody they know can use some of the items that are taking up space in that closet.

Which one of these scenarios best suits your current situation? Does God still know you? Whichever of the scenarios best fits you, wherever your walk has taken you presently was customized for you. Whether you are up down or in-between your conversation with God should be a constant. If you can impress and dress for the people in the street, when God approaches you, he should be proud to claim you as one of his, because you were proud to claim him and call on him and give him the glory through the good, the bad, and in-between.

When you walked out that building with your box in your hand God was standing at the trunk of the car to help with that box! He wanted to do a praise dance with you because he has given you all the knowledge that job could give and you are ready for the next step! It was not by accident. Whoever though they set you up for failure, actually set you up for greatness! Don’t worry yourself with the particulars of the job loss, you call on your father with strong clear praise, and you apologize for not listening when he said move. So he moved you! He put you in position for what’s to come.

When those bills are piling up and you don’t know how you are going to make ends meet. You are down to the last pack of noodles, you are worried about that pack of noodles, not realizing you are not about to be hungry. Cook those noodles and dance because you are not hungry today, you may not have what you want, but you have what you need. When God gets the glory the blessings rain down. Every situation you think is negative, could be God moving and working.

When you walk out to that S-Class in the drive you say, to God be the Glory because when you were in that Honda Accord you said that one day, you were going to drive that Honda until the wheels fell off until you could afford your S- Class. You didn’t do that on your own. Give credit where credit is due if you don’t give him the credit owed to him, he can just as easy take it from you. Never let your ego tell you that you are self-made that does not exist. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So, I will ask you again, does God still know you?

R U Serious!!!

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  1. Hay Ron You did it again, I still can’t believe this all came from the top of your head, what’s that saying some are called, few are chosen you’re in that category. My baby making me proud. Sm I’m glad u know who gets the glory. LOVE U


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