Fear of Happiness!!!

Fear Of Happiness!!!

R U Serious!!!
All too often I see people running from happiness! Now to everybody else around you would think, isn’t that the goal? You would think that we would live and strive to be happy and want to see everyone around them to be happy, too! For many that isn’t the case. In my opinion, it is easier to be unhappy, and we live in a society that needs things to be easy. Some people fear happiness because they feel as though they are protecting themselves from hurt, pain, and disappointment. Some people feel like they don’t deserve happiness. Lastly, too many people rely on others for their happiness.
Any and everything in life takes work. It doesn’t matter if it is living a healthy lifestyle, a Godly lifestyle, a marriage, a career, kids, all these things including happiness takes work. There is no easy way around it. If you are content in a miserable mind-state, it is because you have lost the fight. You have given up and allowed misery to win. You have to be willing to fight for the things you want and that includes your happiness. At what point did you accept that you weren’t worthy? Life is too short to be unhappy, when you are unhappy it affects everything and everyone around you. You always have to remember that what you put out is what you receive.
Fearing happiness is a lot like putting yourself in a mental prison. Keep in mind most prison sentences have a parole date, all sentences aren’t to death. Free yourself and allow yourself to experience happiness. You are afraid that if you allow yourself to be happy, that something or someone will come in and take it from you. What do you have to lose if you are miserable now? You have mastered this emotion! You are that you could end up in the emotional place, that you are presently residing in. I’ll wait… R U Serious?
What is that you feel that you have done that is so wrong or bad, that you are not worthy to be happy? If you are a person who has to question everyone’s motives and read into every conversation, or question every scenario with doubt. Why are you in search of the negative in situations? It doesn’t matter if it is a scenario of love, self-love, job, or family if you are pessimistic about the outcome. You will never find what you are looking for. The truth of the matter is 9 out of 10 times the problem is you. You are the common factor of all of the situations. In this year of reconstruction, you have to self-evaluate. You have to look at you and see what part you play in the situations. Let me guess your perfect, it could never be you, right? You are Jesus right hand and made in his image so you do no wrong. I’ll wait…!
You cannot allow the views of others, to dictate how you feel about yourself. You cannot allow other people to have that much control over you. You have to reclaim ownership of the happiness that you are in search of and make it happen. You can find happiness single, and evaluate the people around you. Determine if you will be happy or not with or without certain people in your life. You have to find the happiness within, if you do not have the inner peace and happiness within yourself you will continue to be miserable. Honestly, if you do find someone to love you, it will not be successful if you are not happy with yourself. You can’t question why someone is loving you, and keep putting them through a test to prove it when you haven’t figured out how to love yourself.
I understand that pain is the stem of reasoning behind not feeling worthy. The pain that was inflicted on you was not asked for nor were you deserving. The Pain that you endured does, however, deserve a praise because with that pain came strength, a strength that positioned you to overcome and fight when you didn’t know there was fight left. Now is not the time to collapse in this fight, pull yourself together, fight in spite of! Fight to show whoever has spoken a negative word over your life or has pained you. Fight for the happiness that is yours, look around blessings are right in front of you! Take the negative shades off of your face, so that you can see that Sun is shining for another day and you will not take the Lords blessings to you in vain!
Speak Life! Speak Love! Speak Health! Speak Happiness!
R U Serious!!!

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