Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Life!

In our continued journey of reconstruction, the official date of summer is almost upon us June 20, 2017. So, it is time for a spring cleaning and decluttering of life. We are transitioning into a new season, we have learned a lot over the last few months about ourselves and have grown a lot. So, it is time to shed ourselves of some of life’s weight that we are ready and willing to let go of. A few months ago, we discussed “Letting It Go” and I think we should look at this as a stepping stone. Just as the seasons change we need to continue to change and grow. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, health wise, relationships, kids, careers in every way possible moving toward the betterment of you!

Change is a constant, we have all heard the saying, “anything that doesn’t grow or change is dead.” So we have to look at the people and things in our lives and continue to purge.  In sports, at the end of the season, if your stats don’t add up, you are faced with the reality that you could be traded from the team. At the end of winter, you put the winter clothes away and go through closets and get ready for the upcoming seasons. With each new season, there is something or someone that doesn’t make the cut.

It’s a natural progression as you grow and work on yourself, you will always outgrow certain things and people. As we grow and mature your desires and wants change. The things that mattered to you at one time of your life, does not hold the same weight in your life now. Any person that didn’t make the cut, we will continue to pray for them, we can only hope that they see the changes in us and want to make some changes for themselves.

How many of us have those boxes of random things that you really don’t know why you still have it, you never use it, but you can’t seem to toss it in the trash? You can even move from one house to the other, toting the same random box of junk. We try to justify it, “I will need this stuff at some point, I have had it for years.” That box represents all the random burdens and stresses that we continue to carry over season after season and year after year. At this point in our reconstruction, it things starts to become more clear. The time has come the box is taking up valuable space, we must make the conscious decision to walk the box to the curb. We are making space for the new. We know it is the right season because we can view that box for what it really is.

Reconstruction is defined as “a thing that has been rebuilt after being damaged or destroyed. As every season comes to pass our foundation should be getting stronger. We are removing the damaged parts and replacing them with a stronger and more durable material. Maybe you have heard of it? It’s called Faith! As long as we have enough of it around our foundation, we will not be shaken again! When you stand on it, it does not give. We have come so far in this journey there is no reason to look back.

We have come so far in this journey there is no reason to look back. As we work on our mental, physical and spiritual we realize we are ok and we become more independent of things that we thought we could never live without. We have grown! Over the next few months, we will be ready for what is to come.

Things that trigger a negative reaction from you in the past, we need to make sure that we are not allowing those negative vibes in your space. Do not allow people to speak negatively around you. Let them know you’re sorry that they feel that way, but you are not in that place right now. If you entertain the negativity you can be easily pulled off track, from your new journey. Do not allow anyone to take this from you.

We give too much away as is, it is time to reclaim your life in the new season. Stand on your faith and trust and believe that this next season is your season. We have to continue to walk by faith and not by sight.

R U Serious!!!

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