Intangible Blessings!!!

Intangible defined as “unable to be touched or grasped; not having a physical presence.” As we walk on through with this journey of healing and reconstruction of our minds, body, and soul, we are working on being a more positive representation of who we once were. We have no other choice but to become more positive thinkers and doers. We have begun to clean out our closets. We have learned to let go of the burdens of our past. As we walk into our present and future, only speaking life into all that we do and think, we need to learn to appreciate and become Intangible Blessings!

We have to learn to pray and be thankful for the intangible (the things we cannot touch): strength, for the self-worth, self-esteem, courage, and wisdom. Praying to be able to see the Sun during the storm, praying for health, praying for the health and courage of our brothers and sisters. Recognizing the blessings and being blessings for others without needing credit for your actions. Uplifting a person that you would have turned a blind eye to in the past. Now, being the extended hand that helps them up.

We have to recognize the intangible blessings so that you can have a greater appreciation for your success. If you only see dollar signs you are not getting the full reward from the blessing. Many times we can be handicapped and handicap others by trying to physically bless them, whether it is financially or giving them what they need to fix the problem. You have to sometimes allow people to go through situations so they can learn to be self-reliant or learn to lean on their faith. Many times praying for someone or a word of encouragement can be enough. When you have those moments of clarity and understanding that is a blessing.

We are in a day and age where everything is very rushed and fly by night, so it makes it easier to not pay attention to the things around us. We can even forget to pay attention to ourselves. We have to reconnect with ourselves on the inside. We have to get back to our goals, our gifts, and our purpose. We easily equate blessings to material items, financial, or just stuff. “God blessed me with a house a car and money”, we need these things and we should be happy for them, but that can be gone tomorrow. What are your intangible blessings that can’t be taken? That is truly God-given. In reconstructing our lives, we need to be reintroduced to us. What are our God-given talents, why are we on this Earth? How are we a blessing to this world? We are not here to only be takers, we have to learn to give back to the world with the gifts on the inside.

As the first half of this year is coming to a close, and stepping into the new season I am proud of my progress and the progress of everyone on this journey of reconstruction with me continuing to reach goals and to step out of boxes to explore new things and to attain more spiritually. In search of purpose, and intangible happiness, As the saying goes “Many are called but few are chosen,” and if the Almighty chooses you, who are we to be disobedient? I will not deny you in public and praise you in private.  I thank you, Lord, for all that you do for me, even when I am not worthy. I know that I am blessed, and I do not take my Intangible Blessings for granted!

R U Serious!!!

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