You only get what you think you deserve!

At this point in the journey, you seek out clarity. We have removed many of the distractions from our lives and you can see things with a clearer vision. Even when you feel you are in the fight of your life things still become clearer. We already established the fact that the closer your walk with God more test seems to come to test your faith. To see if your faith will waver. As long as you trust the walk God will continue to show you that he is leading you in the right direction. You have to let go of your pride and let go of your controlling ways and let him take the reins. All day we ask Jesus to take the wheel but we are afraid to get out the driver’s seat. We act like Jesus is going to move our seat and we will not be able to get it back to the perfect position. We cannot ask God for help, but then try to dictate how he is going to intercede in our lives. God moves in a time that is all his own. While we wait we learn, while we learn, we trust, when we trust we are rewarded!

You only get what you think you deserve! When we want Jesus to take the wheel from the passenger seat, you block and prolong the blessings that are coming to you. By being afraid to lose control you are really saying that you don’t deserve those blessings. If you truly thought those blessings were yours for the taking why would you prolong them? If you second guess yourself and block your own blessings, I think it is time to ask yourself why aren’t you worthy? Just as fast as we ask God for something we doubt that it will happen or make excuses as to why we shouldn’t take chances. We convince ourselves that now is not the time. We create timing issues due to daily duties and events that are packed with things and responsibilities that are usually not our own! Whether it is our kids, friends, or family, or people that you have taken the responsibility of because of the poor decisions they make and you are left to pick up the pieces. R U Serious!? Why are others so worthy of us to pick up their pieces, but we are not worthy to sweep our own floor?

You only get what you think you deserve! If you think you are not worthy of the job that pays $25 dollars an hour, then go ahead and train your new supervisor to tell you how to do your job making $12. While driving home you cry out to Jesus and ask, when is it my turn? When will my day come to make real money? Did you apply? Did you let it be known that you were motivated, capable and ready for change? R U Serious!? When the position was posted you made up all the reasons in the world as to why they wouldn’t hire you, if you applied! Really you convinced yourself as to why you wouldn’t hire yourself! Every day, the Lord makes things more and more clear. I will be the first to admit that I am in my own way! With every month of this transition, I have let down more and more of my controlling ways and allowing God to take the seat and the wheel. You know when they say sometimes all you can do is wave your hand to God because you have no words! I get it now, I cannot do this by myself and before I go into another season, I had to be humbled, and strengthened and trusting of him. I was on the right path but all my steps were not led by the spirit but let by my wounds, hurt, and running from him. I understand now!

I know what I deserve and it is more than what someone is willing to give me! I want what is for me, what is mine, with the promises given to me! God does not settle and no longer will I! You don’t have to either! You only get what you think you deserve!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I am…R U Serious!?

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