The Change Was Me!!

The only thing we have in life that we are truly in control of is ourselves. In life, we learn that change is inevitable. Every day things change good or bad. Many of us do not like or deal with change well. We feel that because we are set in our ways that we can stop the evolution of change because it makes us uncomfortable. We have even convinced ourselves that we can change the things and people around us to make us comfortable, and suit our personal needs. Not realizing that while we think we can change others to get them where we need or want them to be, we are only changing ourselves. I honestly believe that when you come to the realization that we are the needed change, things will get better in your life. If you want things to be different you have to become the change that you are looking for in others.

If you complain that people take advantage of your kindness, you gave them the kindness to take advantage of! If you complain that you are underappreciated and overworked in your current position, you show up every day and clock in. Only to complain to your co-workers about what needs to be done, fixed, changed, or what you aren’t going to do that day on your shift. This could be the reason why you are underappreciated! R U Serious! Remember this is a no-judgment zone! Remember not all things are forever and that includes jobs. You go work hard to learn all that you can learn and move on. If you choose to stay, why complain? Stop bringing everyone else down on the job. While you are trying to build a whine committee you could be applying for other jobs or creating your own company.

Women if you have the mentality that all men are dogs and cheat, and have accepted this as a fact you have already settled and given the next man to come in your life an out! You have already told yourself that you will be treated badly so you are expecting it. There is a strong possibility that if you changed your way of thinking and the standards of what you are looking for will have different results. You will see that it may not always be fair to blame him, for what you allowed him to do. IJS don’t blame the messenger! Please don’t be offended by my opinion, I will say, this may rattle some chains if you feel a certain way about this statement. You might want to recommit to change. Those chains may have you in bondage.

Fellas, you can’t change women either. I don’t want to offend anyone, but we have all heard the saying that you can’t turn certain women into housewives. You can’t tame women that you are in love with that aren’t ready to be tamed. You can’t force a person to be what or who they are not ready to be. This is how “good guys” can turn bad when women aren’t ready. Guys will only fall weak once or twice, it is harder as men to heal. When trust is broken, the inner savage will find its way out. As men, showing signs of being vulnerable doesn’t happen often. While trying to change the women you are with to be something more than she was ready to be. You are putting yourself in a situation to change who you are, and many times that change will be into a person you didn’t want to be.

Unfortunately, when you focus on changing other people. You are only putting yourself on the back burner, we all know that you are perfect and the few modifications that are needed in your life are minimal and can wait. R U Serious! If you see potential in people, that only really says that you are a good person, and you can see a bigger picture. That does not mean that you can mold them into what you need them to be. If someone is a little rough around the edges but you see a good foundation and structure that you may be able to do something with. That does not mean that you can build them up into what you need them to be. Generally, after you put all the time and patience in a person and attempting to building their self-esteem you are making them perfect for the next person.

Learn to be the change that you are looking for from others. People will generally get on board with the program or jump ship, either way, focus on you and create the life you want for you. Adversity will come, but if you are determined nothing will get in your way. If you are waiting for someone to do it for you, be ready to stay in the same place that you are in. Everything comes at a cost and make sure that your self-respect is not the payment.

If you sit around and wait for someone else to change, the end result will more than likely be that you have changed. Not to mention that you are left holding the burden of what you experienced, and you have changed your views on what you will be willing to do for the next person. Or what you will allow a person to put you through. You are left being changed! What you fought to protect, and what you thought made you uncomfortable about change, is only going to be forced upon you. You can not run from it. It is up to you to decide if you want your change to be for the positive or the negative. You are not your situation, your situation is temporary! Change is in you, for you, and waiting for you!

R U Serious!!!

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  1. Guess Who, made some very interesting bold and powerful statements you really blew me away, The change was me held my interence the whole time I was reading, i think you nailed it on this blog glad you’re back up and weighting again missed your thoughts and views. You know it’s said if you only help one person that’s a blessing i think there was a little something for everyone, i can relate to people taking advantage of your kindness and changing your self as well as trying to change some one else


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