Healing Outweighs the Scars!


When we were children and we fell and scraped our knees it would bleed, and dry up and scab over. If you picked with the scar, the scab would potentially re-open and bleed again delaying the healing process of the scrap. We were not only delaying the healing process but we were more than likely causing this scraped knee to leave a permanent scar. Those childhood scars could end up lasting a lifetime because no matter how much mom and dad said to leave it alone let it heal because you couldn’t help but want to pick at it.

It is also funny to me how some of those scrapes and scars that we received at 7 or 8 years of age, we can remember exactly where and when and how we got them. Some of the scars have faded, some of the ones that we picked and didn’t let heal properly have that more pronounced look on our skin. It may be darker in color, or more raised from the skin, or more like a welt on your skin. Sometimes depending on where scars are located as we get older, they become embarrassing, and we try to hide or cover them so people can’t see. You may never wear shorts because you don’t like your legs or refuse to wear short sleeves. Some women look for makeup or fade creams. At the end of the day, that scar is still there. R U Serious!!

The same can be said about our inner scars, if not allowed to heal properly. If you worry or stress and carry guilt, shame or fear. You are then picking at the scar causing that old wound to bleed again. That constant bleeding bleeds over into our lives, our spirit, and our souls. Trauma or scarring from our childhood directly affects us as adults. Those moments in time from back then affect how you move, think, feel, and trust. The list goes on. We can go our whole lives hiding and covering those scars because of our embarrassment, and wanting to let someone know we were affected, or hurt. Not wanting to show weakness, or just being in denial of the experiences that created those scars in the first place.

Little do we know or understand the unexplainable power you can gain from healing. When you stop picking at that scab internally and allowing your self to go through the process of properly healing. You will have the confidence to walk around and not cover those scars in shame but show the world how you overcame. How those once bleeding scars have healed to where at one time in your life you thought you would bleed to death, but like your mom and dad once told you to leave it alone and allow it to heal. Your father is telling you to leave it alone give those scars to him he will wear them for you. What didn’t allow you to bleed to death on that day is now healed! He had something more for your life, and we have to know that if he thought enough of us, we need to think more about ourselves.

R U Serious!!

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