Spring Cleaning and Decluttering Life!

In our continued journey of reconstruction, the official date of summer is almost upon us June 20, 2017. So, it is time for a spring cleaning and decluttering of life. We are transitioning into a new season, we have learned a lot over the last few months about ourselves and have grown a lot. So, it is time to shed... Continue Reading →

Fear of Happiness!!!

Fear Of Happiness!!! R U Serious!!! All too often I see people running from happiness! Now to everybody else around you would think, isn’t that the goal? You would think that we would live and strive to be happy and want to see everyone around them to be happy, too! For many that isn’t the... Continue Reading →


Let it go!!! On this day March 14, 2017, or whatever day you read this post, mark your calendar. Today is the day that you, let it go! Let go of whatever it is that burdens you, and honestly that you do not have control of anyway. There are many people who walk around miserable... Continue Reading →

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